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Before Diamond Don began, two reggae deejays, and a promoter met in St. Paul to create a new sound. Unfortunately, the trio quickly becam

e a duo due to artistic differences. So now, the two deejays, one from Trinidad and one from Jamaica, both wanted to do big things, but had only known each other for a few days. We were approached by a third party (DJ Double) who offered us a Sunday Night gig playing at the Starting Gate Restaurant & Lounge.

We played the Sunday Nights for a month, until we were offered Friday Nights. As a unit, Diamond Don Sound has over 5 years of experience in the entertainment industry, but as a newly established crew.nobody knew what to expect when they came to our dancehall. We would play music, but we also played dominoes, we danced, we had open mic freestyles and then after that party. We had after parties at our home studio. The after parties just got bigger and better and the musical vibe just became synonymous with Diamond Don.

Six months later, we began the Dancehall Saturdays at the Red Sea with our favorite promoter Jose Hudo. Between Starting Gate and Red Sea, Diamond Don was busy doing weddings, private parties and random after parties all over the Twin City metro area. The Red Sea became like a second home that we don't want to leave. Saturday Nights became memorable for the Dancehall Saturday at the club and the Dance-all Saturday after parties.

A couple months after that, we began doing "Caribbean Crush" at the Karma Nightclub on Sunday Nights. This eventually led to our first concert as deejays for the show Elephant Man did at the end of the summer of 2006.

Eight months old and our name was on the same card as Elephant Man! As the temperature changed and the crowd went back to college, the place to be for reggae fans was the place where reggae began downtown. The Lounge. We teamed up with long time friends and fellow reggae deejays, Mezesha Entertainment. Reggae Vibrations at the Lounge was now a grown and sexy blend of classic reggae and hip hop. ( Mezesha Ent + Diamond Don Sound = Hit Squad Djs )


Diamond Don Sound is currently at the Red Sea on Saturdays for "the Original Dancehall Saturdays". We are at the Lounge on Sundays for "Reggae Vibrations". This Friday, we will begin a new night of entertainment when we take over Visage for "Riddim & Vybz" a new blend of classics and top 40 reggae and hip hop. We still do private parties, we are embarking on a consulting division of Diamond Don, and we still have exclusive after parties, like we did when we first started. We are here for one reason..and that is to play reggae music til we die!

We do this for the love of music and we do it for the people who know how to party. We both enjoy a good party, but when the deejays and the crowd enjoy the party.that's what we call a Diamond Don Function. We party with everyone: Africans, Americans, West Indians, Lesbians, Haters, Unemployed, CEOs, Thugs, Bartenders, Security, but most of all we party with Grown & Sexy Ladies. We try to make every dancehall, ladies night.


Sky is the limit. We will be traveling soon, and we intend to keep reggae artist interested in coming to Minnesota for our reggae community. We will be expanding into more hip hop venues and we will make our current links even stronger. Big Up all Soundbwoys and Soundgal dem. We love all ya'll. Because without the reggae fans there would be no Diamond Don Sound.

God Bless - Rastafari

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