1. 49 Haikus for Gambia from 49 Minnesota Poets

      It’s simple really: focus attention on Gambia. No, there is no war there, there is no imminent famine, no AIDS crisis; just another African country with Africans doing what Africans do: live, love and play. So why bring attention to it? The real question is, why not? How cool would it be to have … Continue reading
  2. This Just May Be The Hottest African Winter in Minnesota

    When Minnesotans were dealing with the polar-vortex-induced -50F wind chills, a friend sent this me this text message. “U escaped the coldest day in the history of Africans in America”. We’re on the second chapter of the polar vortex and it’s still cold in Minnesota – not as dangerously cold – but it is still … Continue reading
  3. Images Of Africa Film Festival. Nov 15th – 21st

    Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to watch many great African films (some new and some old). The Film Society of MSP-St. Paul film has put together a pretty decent list of 27 films and documentaries for the African Film Series that will run Nov 15th – 21st. I am sure some of you … Continue reading
  4. An Afropean Revolution with Les Nubians at The Dakota Jazz Club and Restaurant

    Hey Y’all! Don’t make any plans for next Friday night because the Grammy-Nominated, French-African, R&B sister-duo are coming to town! RSVP BY THE END OF LABOR DAY TO BE ENTERED INTO A RAFFLE FOR FREE TICKETS! WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SEPT 3RD AFTERNOON. Born in France, Helene and Celia Faussart moved to Chad when they were … Continue reading
  5. Tahrir Square Democracy

    Egypt was home to an ancient civilizations that flourished along the banks of river Nile with the remains of the great Pyramids offering a glimpse into its magnitude and highlighting how Pharaohs were larger than life figures in that society. It is indeed fascinating to rationalize the massive resources and man power spent constructing burial … Continue reading
  6. The Economic Burden of Time and Inefficiency on Africa

    Time is one of our most valuable assets; indeed analysis of how we utilize it correlates with the level of economic development in a nation. Throughout history, humans have persevered to invent systems and tools that optimize efficiency. The challenge African Nations face is the failure to minimize the state of confusion and work towards … Continue reading
  7. The Term Limit Peace Theory

    The ‘Term Limit Peace Theory’ (TLPT) bears resemblance to the ‘Democratic Peace Theory’ (DPT) characterized by the notion that democracies never go to war with each other.  The ‘DPT’ is very contentious since democracy is a complex subject to define. The ‘TLPT’ is a concept I use to describe the nature in which nation states … Continue reading
  8. Africa needs Leaders with Big Ideas not Big guns

    One of the missing links to democracy in Africa is leadership elected on merit, sound policies and a clear vision for the future. This sobering reality has left many nations stuck with a burgeoning burden of the incompetent AK-47 generation of leaders. These leaders won the battles in the bush but have lost the governance … Continue reading
  9. The War on Women in Africa

    Societies and cultures across the globe are highly variable, always dynamic and constantly changing. This evolutionary process is not only limited to the biological makeup of things but also ideas and way of life.  One of the most fascinating areas to explore are the two key demographics that have been the basis of civil rights … Continue reading
  10. Kony 2012 Criticism Muddled by Complexities of Humanitarian Intervention

    Kony 2012 is a movement that once again reminds us of the growing power of social media in the electronic age. This campaign has successfully re-introduced to the world “Kony” the notorious leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Though Kony and his rebel group were flushed out of Uganda, he is still at large … Continue reading