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  1. EU leaders react as UK PM Theresa May officially triggers Brexit

    There is "no reason to pretend this is a happy day", European Council President Donald Tusk says.
  2. Mosul battle: Iraqi forces edge closer to key mosque

    The Great Mosque of al-Nuri is where IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed a "caliphate".
  3. Indonesian man's body found inside python - police

    The bulging python was cut open after villagers grew suspicious it had eaten the man.
  4. Bob Dylan finally agrees to accept Nobel Prize for Literature

    The American singer, who snubbed a ceremony in December, says no media must be present.
  5. France election: Ex-PM Valls backs Macron for president

    Instead of backing his own party's candidate, Manuel Valls throws his weight behind Emmanuel Macron.
  6. Shots fired on driver 'attacking police' near US Congress

    The driver has been arrested, with no injuries reported, and terrorism has been ruled out by police.
  7. Zuma asked to miss activist's funeral

    Mourners cheer calls for South Africa's president to resign at anti-apartheid activist's funeral.
  8. France anaesthetist investigated for poisoning patients

    The doctor denies poisoning seven patients - two of whom died - between 2008 and 2017.
  9. HB2: North Carolina facing college sports boycott over 'bathroom bill'

    College sports body says the state will forfeit events over its law removing LGBT protections.
  10. London Stock Exchange-Deutsche Boerse deal blocked by EU

    EU regulators block London Stock Exchange's £21bn merger with German stock exchange Deutsche Boerse.
  11. Emma Thompson felt 'too fat' to live in LA

    The Oscar winner says she "couldn't live there" as she condemns the pressure on actresses to be thin.
  12. Row after Norway Muslim group appoints spokeswoman in full-face veil

    Norwegian minister criticises the Islamic Council of Norway, saying its move will 'create distance'.
  13. Russia protests 'will happen again'

    On Sunday, Russia saw its largest anti-government protest in several years with many young people taking part.
  14. Tusk to UK: 'We already miss you'

    Donald Tusk stresses the positives as he receives a letter from the UK triggering Article 50.
  15. Can coal make a comeback under Trump?

    Here is why coal's decline can be slowed but not completely reversed.
  16. Elephants in dramatic muddy escape

    Eleven Asian elephants caught in mud make a dramatic escape with the help of local farmers.
  17. World's first monster truck front flip

    This is the first time a monster truck driver has completed a front flip in the sport's history.
  18. Nigerian student beaten in India in alleged racist attack

    Video footage shows Endurance Amalawa being attacked by a mob in India.
  19. Marine Le Pen on why the EU wants Brexit to be painful

    Though the French presidential candidate still thinks Great Britain will negotiate a good deal.
  20. Footballer's affairs caused error - wife

    A Chinese player's wife criticises his extra-marital affairs after his embarrassing mistake in a World Cup qualifying defeat by Iran.
  21. Shark rescued from swimming pool in Australia

    The juvenile shark was not dangerous but it surprised swimmers in Sydney's far north.
  22. Siberian police demolish truants' home-made pub

    Siberian truants bunk off school to drink and gamble in their home-made pub.
  23. Iceland's pagans enjoy dramatic rise

    Iceland's statistics bureau says native pagans are fastest-growing faith.
  24. Iranian centenarian stands in local elections

    An Iranian centenarian is standing in local elections to highlight village problems.
  25. Fawlty language

    Japan is struggling to make sure it has enough English speakers when it hosts the Olympic Games in 2020.
  26. 'Sexelance'

    A converted vehicle has been designed to act as a sanctuary for Danish sex workers at risk of violence and exploitation.
  27. Cambodian breast milk

    In a controversial practice, a company was processing and selling the milk in the US.
  28. Loved and loathed

    Yogi Adityanath: What kind of leader will the polarising new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh be?
  29. Health and wealth

    A new study says Canadian cystic fibrosis patients live 10 years longer than Americans.
  30. 'Trumplomacy'

    Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is glad President Trump keeps pressing members to pay up.