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  1. Barcelona attack: Spain terror cell had 120 gas canisters

    Jihadists planned for six months to fill three vans and carry out deadly attacks, police say.
  2. Philippines drug campaign condemned by senior Catholics

    It comes as questions are raised over the killing of a teenager by police during a week of violence.
  3. Aryana Sayeed: Kabul concert goes ahead despite threats

    Aryana Sayeed, known to fans as Afghanistan's Kim Kardashian, sang to hundreds of delighted fans.
  4. Lost WW2 warship USS Indianapolis found after 72 years

    The warship's sinking, weeks before WW2's end, remains the worst US naval loss at sea in history.
  5. Hong Kong protest: Thousands march for jailed activists

    Tens of thousands voice support for three pro-democracy activists who led the 2014 protests.
  6. Grace Mugabe: South Africa grants immunity despite assault claim

    Robert Mugabe's wife is back in Zimbabwe despite allegations of an assault at a Johannesburg hotel.
  7. Syria war: Rocket 'hits Damascus trade fair'

    The event is being held for the first time in five years. with reports speaking of five deaths.
  8. IS conflict: Iraq launches ground offensive in Tal Afar

    The northern city, one of the last held by IS, has been a target since the fall of Mosul in July.
  9. Dogan Akhanli: Spain grants Erdogan critic conditional release

    The German-Turkish writer must stay in Madrid while Turkey considers requesting his extradition.
  10. US comedian and activist Dick Gregory dies aged 84

    The family of Dick Gregory, who satirised racism with his stand-up, announce his death aged 84.
  11. Boston march against right-wing rally draws thousands

    Anti-racism protesters converge on the "Free Speech" rally featuring right-wing speakers.
  12. Sir Colin Meads: All Blacks legend dies of cancer, aged 81

    All Blacks great Sir Colin Meads, who was named as New Zealand's best rugby player of the 20th Century, dies of pancreatic cancer, aged 81.
  13. Solar eclipse: Welcome to 'Eclipseville', Kentucky

    Thousands are flocking to the little town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in the US, to watch Monday's solar eclipse.
  14. Forklift truck used to steal ATM in Arkansas

    Police in Arkansas are hunting thieves who stole the cash machine from a bank's drive-through area.
  15. BBC Pidgin: Meet the team

    Meet the team bringing the BBC to tens of millions of Pidgin speakers in West and Central Africa.
  16. The winners and losers of Mexico's wind power boom

    In 'windy' La Ventosa, a village 700km from Mexico City, residents are renting out their land for wind farms.
  17. The migrants making a clean sweep in Rome

    Two Nigerian men are paying their way in the city by volunteering to clean up the streets.
  18. How to watch a total solar eclipse: Tips from the Faroe Islands

    Ahead of Monday's eclipse in the US, here are four tips from the Faroe Islands, which experienced one in 2015.
  19. Barcelona attack: What is the mood?

    The BBC witnesses defiance and grief, but also anger and panic after a van attack killed 14 people.
  20. Canadian cop's lack of French cancels speeding ticket

    Driver won't have to face court because a police officer only spoke to him in English.
  21. Rhino swept from Nepal to India by flooding rescued

    The young rhino was swept 42km from Chitwan National Park by floods and found in an Indian village.
  22. Belarus minister wants ex-prisoners to work on farms

    Interior minister suggests prisoners work on farms as form of rehabilitation.
  23. Iceland toilet roll 'price war' wipes out jobs

    Opening of warehouse store in Icelandic capital sees workers laid off from country's only toilet paper manufacturer.
  24. Russia denies giving lake to Kazakhstan

    Authorities deny reports that a popular tourist lake has been transferred to Kazakh neighbours.
  25. IS kids

    On the streets of Europe, we meet teenage boys trained by IS. Their testimony reveals wide-ranging plans to turn children into killers.
  26. Mum v Dad

    A Spanish woman disappears with her children as a judge threatens her with jail in a custody row.
  27. Brutal nightshift

    Raffy Lerma is a photo-journalist documenting the nightly killings in the Philippines' government's war on drugs.
  28. No peace in sight

    The BBC's Alex Duval Smith reports on how the return of conflict is redefining life in northern Mali.
  29. Back with Spain?

    Hopes in Madrid that a common front against terrorism will dampen secessionism may be misplaced.
  30. Inmate's choice?

    The Tennessee county started offering time off inmate sentences in exchange for birth control