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  1. DJ Khaled Drops New Video With Sizzla “I’m So Grateful”

    Kalonji and Khaled and Asahd Giving Thanks and Praises If you’ve been following DJ Khaled since before his Snapchat days, you know that he’s been deeply immersed in reggae and dancehall culture for years. If you’ve been paying attention since the days when he used to compete in sound clashes like Fully Loaded, you know Sizzla is one of his favorite artists. When Boomshots paid a visit to his studio not long ago, he proudly played his collection of Sizzla dub plates. If you’ve been following his Snapchat lately, you know he’s been in the studio with Sizzla working on a song called “I’m So Grateful,” which apparently moved him to tears while he was working on it, and which happens to be the opening track of his highly anticipated album Grateful, which drops tomorrow. Earlier this evening Khaled posted five consecutive Instagram video clips, revealing the music video for that song. Big up Khaled for representing a true hardcore dancehall artist like Sizzla.  Video After The Jump… “When everyone turned their back you showed me how much you care” Let it flow… Near the song’s end, Khaled drops jewels: “Welcome to Grateful. To realize and appreciate all your blessings, embrace your blessings from the heart. Express […]

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  2. PREMIERE: The Holdup “Solid”

    What Would Make You Solid? Last December San Jose, California reggae band The Holdup topped the Billboard Reggae chart with their album Leaves in the Pool, Six months later, the ban’s lead singer and songwriter Mike Garmany is opening up about his battle with anxiety and depression—which left him “nearly suicidal”—in a new song called “Solid,” which Boomshots proudly premieres today. “This is not a call for sympathy nor is it an attempt to gain attention,” says Garmany. “This is an attempt to relate to other people who may be going through or have gone through similar experiences to mine. You’re not alone. Everything is okay. Just keep living.”Audio and Full Statement After The Jump… “With the release of this song I felt obligated to give somewhat of an explanation,” says Germany. “‘Solid’ is about my experience with anxiety, and depression and how it relates to my career. Especially in the last year, I have been through some seemingly unprovoked and sudden bouts with anxiety and depression. When it first started happening I was terrified and had no idea what was wrong with me. I felt hopeless and nearly suicidal. I had no idea why suddenly my heart was constantly racing or why joy seemed like such […]

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  3. HEAR THIS: Busy Signal “Honor Roll” (Quiet Storm Riddim)

    The Turf Prez Pays His Respects to The Late Great Prodigy “Turf President represent for the street,” says Busy at the top of his latest release, uploaded to his Soundcloud less than 24 hours ago. “All these hardcore niggas. Real niggas. Me ah no one a dem just-come boys deh. We no just talk this. We do this. Muthafucka we live this.” Then Busy proceeds to spit fire over Mobb Deep’s “Quiet Storm” beat, name-checking legendary dancehall artists from Baby Cham to Shabba to Bounty Killer and Capleton. This Sunday Busy will perform his first ever show in America at Groovin’ In The Park. It’s hard to imagine how he feels right now, but if this track is any indication of his mindstate at the moment this Sunday ah go maaaaad. Audio After The Jump… “Badness me nuh catch it, me born with it, it built een” Run that… Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow Boomshots on Tumblr Follow @Boomshots

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    (Quiet Storm Riddim)
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  4. WATCH THIS: Christopher Ellis “Here We Are” Official Music Video

    :Alton’s Big Son Sings Songs Of Praises On a Foundation Riddim “It’s a lineage thing,” says Christopher Ellis, the youngest son of legendary Jamaican vocalist Alton Ellis, of his link with the Ghetto Youths International crew. “It stems back to when I met Stephen and Damian Marley. And more than that, it stems to our fathers and the whole Trenchtown thing.” Trenchtown, of course, is the economically downpressed but musically blessed area of downtown Kingston immortalized by The Wailers in their song “Trenchtown Rock.” Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer all hailed from Trenchtown, as did many other Jamaican musical heroes including the aforementioned Alton Ellis, a soulful vocalist who made his name with countless rock steady classics, including “Rock Steady” and “I’m Still In Love.” Carrying on his father’s legacy, Ellis is currently recording his debut album, slated for release on the Ghetto Youths label later this year. MASS APPEAL has just premiered Ellis’ latest reease, “Here We Are,” on Stephen Marley’s “All Natural” Riddim. Ellis uses his silky voice to deliver words of wisdom and inspiration. Directed by Jay Will (Game Over), “Here We Are” video was filmed in Portland, where the UK native seems right at home amidst the country vibes. Audio After […]

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  5. HEAR THIS: Mr. Vegas “Terrorist In A England”

    Prayers For Manchester And A Plea For Unity Like so many people all around the world, Mr. Vegas was deeply upset by the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. He decided to channel his anger into a song and here it is, over Steely & Clevie’s version of the classic ‘Far East’ riddim. Originated by Jamaica’s ace saxophonist Roland Alphonso at the legendary Studio One, and recorded by producer Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd, the “Far East” was brought to further fame by Barry Brown’s classic song ‘Far East.’ Steely & Clevie’s version dates back to 1989 when they recorded a string of singles for their own Steely & Clevie label, including the hits ‘Stop Loving You’ by Freddie McGregor and ‘Spanish Harlem’ by Richie Stephens.  Audio After The Jump… “Love One Another” Run that… Vegas is not the first dancehall artist to burn out terrorism around the world. Check out these Boomshots Classics on a similar theme. Admiral Tibett “Terrorist” Eek A Mouse “Terrorists In The City” Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow Boomshots on Tumblr Follow @Boomshots

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  6. BuzzRock’s New Album: “Nobody’s Fool”

    New Solo Album From One of Trinidad and Tobago’s Finest Roots Artist Sadiki also known as BuzzRock, releases his new album today, a solo album entitled “Nobody’s Fool” on his own label, Ministry of Dub. BuzzRock released four albums as part of a group but this time he is taking his baritone vocals and conscious lyrics to the world. This article contains an interview we conducted two days prior to the album release followed by an album review. More After The Jump… “Buzzrockin’ Non-Stoppin” Presented by Wadada Movement/ House of Wadada I. Interview Angel: Greetings King BuzzRock: Blessed Love, Empress Angel Angel: What an impressive album you are releasing this Friday?  How did Sidiki the child become a Mystical Man as Buzz Rock? BuzzRock: I was born on Lavantile Road in Trinidad. This was kinda of like the ghetto but there was a richness to the community and the people therein. I migrated with my Queen (Mother) to Miami, Florida when I was 6 years old. In North Miami,  I was ‘overfed and undernourished” and started getting into real trouble by the time I was a teenager. At 16 years old, I was shot four times and lost full consciousness. When […]

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  7. PREMIERE: Noise Cans ft. Jesse Royal “No War”

    The Small Axe Don’t Want No War No More “Part carnival, part incantation, and pure celebration,” is the way Dim Mak Records describes the collision of Bermudian tradition and futuristic production that is Noise Cans. Today BOOMSHOTS premieres “No War” a new track from the forthcoming album Masquerave.  “I would love for ‘No War’ to be an anthem for the times we are living in,” says COLLAS, the Gombey-masked mystery man behind Noise Cans. “My goal was to add a joyful approach to a serious time in hopes that people understand and listen to the message. Music is the one thing that brings us together, I’m just here trying to do my part.” Tune in to the signal. Audio After The Jump… “Yes I’m jamming” Let it go…   Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow Boomshots on Tumblr Follow @Boomshots

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  8. WATCH THIS: Damian Marley “Medication” Official Music Video

    Zilla x Ragga Sing Praises To The Plant Damian Marley has just released the visuals to his 420 anthem “Medication,” a collaboration with his brother Stephen “Ragga” Marley. Produced by Scheme Engine and directed by the ardent photographer and director Nick Walker, the video was shot on location in the California prison that Jr. Gong recently converted to a growing facility. “The video showcases the night and day of what this prison used to be,” says Gongzilla. “This place used to house human beings and now is a place that houses plants—some of those humans were once upon a time locked up because of these plants. We are showing the contrast, and what has become something positive and beneficial for so many people.” The video also features several patients who have benefited from the use of cannabis for healing purposes. As Ragga puts it: “These are living testimonies of the benefits of this plant. This plant saves lives…. Wake Up! Education before Recreation.” You can watch the video now on TIDAL and get a free 3-month subscription, and check out a clip below. (In related news, Jr. Gong and a team of investors recently acquired the O.G. herb publication High […]

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  9. The Candy Queens Playlist

    An All Female Playlist of  Sexy Lyrics Sometimes you just want to hear raunchy, dirty, raw, taboo song lyrics. There are a plethora of songs over the course time and genres of music,  that have open eyes that were wide shut, because they contained uncensored lyrics written by women. In many cases, females are belittled for these type of lyrics in comparison to their male counterparts which receive praise for the same lyrics and topics.  This all Queen playlist of creative and provocative lyrics, takes the listener on a musical ride through dancehall, hip hop and rhythm and blues. You ready? More After The Jump…  Sasha – “Kill The Bitch” – This is an unique and unforgettably brave song. Besides delivering a wicked dj style rap,  Queen Sasha gives an Oscar worthy performance of sex on vinyl with moans included and a crescendo intensity over the beat. 2. Adina Howard – “Nasty Grind” – With a fierce afro, this Nubian Queen delivers a next level  R & B track. 3. Lady Saw – “It’s Raining” – This Queen of Dancehall discusses how weather can affect libido and in a live performance at Sunsplash 1995, Lady Saw brought out The First Dancehall Queen […]

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  10. Chronixx Confirmed As Opening Act For Nas & Lauryn Hill North American Tour

    Not a Bad Way to Roll Out Chronology! MASS APPEAL reports that Nasty Nas and L-Boogie aka Ms. Lauryn Hill will embark upon a North American tour this fall, with Jamaican reggae star Chronixx as their opening act. The Queensbridge rapper and the former member of the Fugees famously collaborated on the 1996 anthem “If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)” off of Nas’ chart-topping sophomore album, It Was Written, and have remained close friends since. For over 20 years these two artists have proven themselves to be some of the most distinctive and influential voices in hip hop. Both artists have also show a strong respect for reggae music—Hill having collabed with Bounty Killer as a member of The Fugees, and with Bob Marley on the classic duet “Turn Your Lights Down Low.” Nas meanwhile joined forces with Damian Marley for the classic album Distant Relatives. Chronixx debut album, Chronology, is set to drop June 30th on all digital platforms. The tour will kick off in Chicago on September 7 and end in Vancouver on October 11. Tickets go on sale via Live Nation on June 2. Video & Tour Dates After The Jump… LAURYN HILL & NAS TOUR DATE CITY VENUE 9/7/17 […]

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