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  1. WATCH THIS: Who Pulled A Knife On Fantan Mojah?

    Violent Threat Causes Lion To Roar Recently, a controversial video surfaced where Fantan Mojah accuses an un-named artist of pulling a knife on him. Fanton Mojah sees the violation as a major disrespect because it is someone that he respects and had a friendship with. Fantan Mojah  demands a public apology from said artist, causing many to speculate about who the artist is referring to as “The Kid” and “God”.  Fantan Mojah never mentions what precipitated the argument, just states “Why you get offended over truth?” More After The Jump…   The answer remains up in the air and hopefully the two friends and musical colleagues can resolve the issue in a peaceful way. Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow Boomshots on Tumblr Follow @Boomshots Follow @rcooperphotography

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  2. HEAR THIS: Vybz Kartel -“Euphoria”

    Vybz Kartel Makes A Sentimental Tribute To His Long Time Love Adversity teaches appreciation for  life and relationships. Vybz Kartel lays out heartfelt lyrics to the woman who has been there for him through thick and thin, in a new track, entitled,  “Euphoria.” The tone of the song is a melancholy one despite the title. The World Boss reflects on his relationship with Tanisha Johnson, mother of his children. The lyrics sway ironically between various emotional tones: “You’re my Euphoria and I’m so sorry.”  More After The Jump…  Produced by High Stakes Records the poignant lyrics flow over a sultry piano interlaced with effervescent sounds of an xylophone. More Than A Wife, You Are My Life Tanisha Johnson, My Lifeline   Written By: Angel Love @LoveDeepAngel Follow @Boomshots Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV

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  3. HEAR THIS: Cham ft. O “Get Drunk”

    Reasoning with Cham: ”No! We never pay! We lawless.” Whenever the artist who gave us classic cuts like “Ghetto Story” connects with his year-to-year sparring partner Dave Kelly of Madhouse Records, you can expect something wicked. The second official track (after the boasy “Money Wine“) off Cham’s  Lawless album just premiered  on MASS APPEAL. “Get Drunk” is a sexy, fun, flirtatious tune that Cham describes as “a fusion of dancehall and world music.” It’s also the long-awaited return of Miss O, whose previous collabs with Cham—”Back Way,” “Tun Up” and “Wine“—were straight bangers. “She had been kinda staying away from the recording booth for a minute,” says Cham “but I got her to grace her presence on this track which is a good thing.” Cham says he made her an offer she couldn’t refuse, which judging by the song may have involved some strong liquor and a few acrobatic positions.    Audio & Interview After The Jump… As usual this Dave Kelly production is all about the details—check out how the bass notes tweak slightly just after they hit. Notice the layered harmonies and subtle sound effects. The Stranger basically invented the modern dancehall sound, so nobody does it better. Which makes it kinda strange that his music doesn’t flood the […]

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  4. WATCH THIS: Jah9 “Prosper” Official Music Video

    “Be Confident In All We Do And Say” Jah9 has just released the video for “Prosper,” the fourth video from her latest album “9.” The video directed by Samo Kush-I, was shot in black and white complete with a vintage 35mm camera feel, as Jah9 sings encouraging lyrics of spirituality and empowerment in a relaxed and calming voice. “Whatever is worth doing is worth doing to the highest level,” says Jah9. “And the time we spend in service to high upful endeavors serves to build. The chorus of the song is an affirmation, a mantra, a spell that can be used daily to empower. The outside world will seem less intimidating when we feel more empowered and less insecure about our value.” Video After The Jump… “The service is the worship so let the will of the Most High prevail” Let it go… Earlier this year Jah9 spent time as Chronixx opening act for the United States Chronology tour. Jah9 says she found the experience “Inspiring and educational, I was humbled and grateful for the opportunity to present on that scale at this time.” Currently she[s preparing for her very own West Coast tour where she will be performing—at this […]

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  5. PREMIERE: Hood Celebrityy “Unlock” Official Music Video

    New Visuals From JA-Born BX-Based Artist Who Calls Herself “The Female Kartel” We first noticed Hoodcelebrityy when she turned up on “Back It Up,” the dancehall-flavored Cardi B track that also features Konshens. Checking her Instagram profile, we noted that she described herself as “The Female Kartel” which was intriguing to say the least. Doing further research, we discovered her videos for “The Takeover” where she can be seen wilding out with Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina, and flipping 50 Cent’s Many Men hook over A Boogie and Don Q’s “Bando” beat. By this point it was clear that we had to reach out for an interview, which you can see below the jump—along with the brand new video for “Unlock,” a track from HC’s forthcoming project Can’t Believe It’s Just A Girl.  In this “Equal Rights and Justice” era anything is possible. Check the vibes.   Video After The Jump… “Me ah watch the pussy dem from far” Run that…   RGAT Reasoning with Hood Celebrityy Like Boomshots on Facebook Subscribe to Boomshots TV Follow Boomshots on Tumblr Follow @ReshmaB_RGAT Follow @Boomshots

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  6. PREMIERE: K’reema “Drop It”

    King Yellowman’s Daughter Is All Grown Up Now Pop reggae artist K’reema has a long list of musical influences, ranging from reggae legends Beres Hammond and Tanya Stephens to worldwide pop stars TLC and Beyoncé, but if you want which artist had the biggest impact on her career, look no further than her dad Winston Foster, aka King Yellowman. In case you missed the point, she did a song with him called “Father’s Love” and has toured extensively with the dancehall legend (Reshma B caught up with them during a recent tour stop—be sure to peep the reasoning below). K’reema was formerly employed saving lives as an EMT worker, but she’s been musical since she was a child. So three years ago she decided to give her first love a try—and of course her dad’s had her back every step of the way. But there comes a time when even daddy’s little girl must grow up, and that time has come now for K’reema. The first sign is when they start telling you they don’t give a…  Then pretty soon they’re ready to step out on their own. K’reema recently made quite an impression with “Sorry You’re Not Sorry,“ a […]

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  7. Saba Jenga: Black Girl Magic

    New Artist With Soulful Hip Hop and Conscious Reverberations Saba Jenga is an ambitious woman who left her hometown in Richmond, Virginia to pursue a career in music. She was determined to hone her craft with an educational foundation in New York City. She won the 2012 “Walk This Way Award” for Best MC at St. John’s University and following this she matriculated into the New York University, Clive Davis Institute of Recording Music. During her time of study, she coined a music style of her own called “Dirty Dub,” fusing various genres of music including dub, dubstep, reggae, trap and gogo. Saba Jenga evokes the “black girl magic” ensconced  in a world with a European standard of beauty and oppression of minorities; through a culmination of cultures and sounds. We spoke to Saba, following a stellar performance at The Miss Lily’s 4/20 Celebration with International Selector, Yaadcore.  More After The Jump… Interview: Angel: Bless up Saba Jenga. That was a great performance at Miss Lily’s. Saba Jenga: Bless up Angel. Yes I had a great time performing along side Yaadcore. The first part of my performance was a free flow over the classic “War” riddim from the Bob Marley […]

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  8. FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Sanchez “Wherever I Lay My Hat”

    Sanchez Music Stands The Test of Time; Classy Like The Vintage Fedora These days Kevin Anthony Jackson, Sanchez, lays his hat in the home he made with his wife Monica Jackson at Sanmonik Productions.  However the 22 year old song, “Wherever I Lay My Hat,” remains a fan favorite. Producer,  Robert “Bobby Digital”  Dixon created the “Heavy Rock” riddim with this signature voice in reggae music in 1995. Listening to Sanchez belt out the lyrics from the song’s first note, one knows immediately that this voice was predestined by God to bring beautiful lyrics to the masses. This Friday we flashback on the poignant lyrics of this song.  More After The Jump… By the look in your eyes, I can tell you want to cry, is it over me? And If it did shed your tears, cause I’m not worth it, you see. For I’m the kind of  boy, who is always on the roam,  Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home. You’ve had a romance, did you break it by chance over me? If  so I’d like for you to know that I’m not worth it, you see. For I’m the type of boy who is always on the roam, Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home, You keep telling me, […]

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  9. Miss Lily’s Two Part 4/20 Celebration

    Miss Lily’s Offers Up A Fun Filled 4/20 Celebration  with Art, Fine Cuisine and  Musical Heights Most great events encompass various aspects that lead to the gestalt of the overall experience.  Events that merge disciplines are usually the most fun because they create a cultural experience. Miss Lily’s  Two Part 4/20 Celebration mixed music with art and fine Caribbean cuisine in New York City.   More After The Jump… Part I The first part of the event was at Miss Lily’s Soho location and featured artist Mr. Martin and Deejay Rubie Lee Art Mista Martin, a New York City artist and teacher,  offered a live art painting for attendees on the outside of the restaurant. With the pleasant weather and many children interested in his work, this aspect of the event offered a captured moment for arts education that made the daytime aspect of the event, family friendly. Rubie Lee provided a variety of tunes in the genres of  reggae, dancehall, pop and EBM. Some notable songs played by this selector were Rihanna- “Work;”  Kranium -“Nobody Has To Know;” Vybz Kartel-“Fever;” Dexta Daps -“Shabba Madda Pot;” Capleton – “Slew Them;” Justin Bieber – “Sorry;” Macka Diamond -“25 Inches;” Gyptian featuring […]

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  10. HEAR THIS: Damian “Jr.Gong” Marley ft. Stephen “Ragga” Marley “Medication”

    Marley Brothers Together For The Healing of the Nation April 20th aka 4/20 is the official herbalists’ holiday—as well as Stephen “Ragga” Marley’s birthday. In Miami the celebration began with the launch of Kaya Fest, a celebration of music and herb with the theme of “Education Before Recreation.” During the recent election Florida was one of the states that voted to legalize the herb for medicinal purposes. Rastafari has been calling ganja the “Healing of the Nation” for years so it’s only right to see Bob Marley’s youths fulfilling the vision in this time. While Ragga was celebrating his Earthstrong by kicking off the first annual Kaya Fest in Miami, his younger brother Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley was blocking off the Sunset Strip for a 4/20 celebration in conjunction with High Times magazine. As part of the festivities he premiered a new tune off his forthcoming Stony Hill album—a wicked rub-a-dub style weed tune called “Medication” featuring Ragga Marley. Today, April 22nd—aka Earth Day—Stephen and Damian will come together on stage at Kaya Fest alongside their brothers Ziggy, Julian, and Ky-Mani. This is the first time that has happened since the brothers performed in Africa over 20 years ago—so if […]

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