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News on Reggae continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
  1. Shatta Wale is a talented artiste - Samini

    That notwithstanding, he said most of the songs by the 'Taking Over" hit maker are bubble gum music; people get tired of them easily. "It is a dancehall culture.

  2. Warrior King for One Love, One Heart Reggae Festival

    Reggae artiste Warrior King, real name, Mark Dyer, joins the likes of Steel Pulse, Anthony B, Sizzla and others, for the eighth annual, One Love, One Heart Reggae Festival on Saturday, September 2 and Sunday, September 3 at the Yolo County Fair grounds in Woodlands, California. Warrior King, confirmed for the Saturday edition of the One Love, One Heart Reggae Festival, has been making a slew of appearances across the US and Europe in recent months.

  3. Why tourists go to sites associated with death and suffering

    On a beautiful summer day in 2016, as I walked with a group of college students along a well-trodden path sprinkled with needles and cones from majestic pine trees, our mood was somber and morose. The chirping of birds and the burning off of the dew on the grassy hills by the rising sun in this idyllic setting did not help either.

  4. Are you lonesome tonight? Why we, like Elvis, turn to food for...

    August 16 is known to many Elvis Presley fans as the anniversary of his untimely death at the age of 42 in 1977. It is also the perfect occasion, for many, to honor him by indulging in his favorite foods, including fried banana and peanut butter sandwiches , fried biscuits, bacon-wrapped meatballs, chicken fried steak, jelly doughnuts and vegetables saturated with butter and salt.

  5. The 10 Best Latin Summer Songs Ever

    Oh, "Despacito." What wouldthe summer of 2017 have been without you? However, you are not the first Latin track to make us dance all summer long.

  6. Fake painkillers laced with a legal drug 50 times stronger than...

    In recent months while screening samples of heroin they had acquired on the street, British police discovered a drug whose appearance they had been dreading - fentanyl , the dangerously strong painkiller that killed Prince and gained a foothold as part of the American opioid epidemic. Since late 2016, fentanyl has been implicated in at least 60 drug-related deaths in the United Kingdom, according to a report from the National Crime Agency.

  7. Trust Him to Complete What He Started

    Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. hashamyim v'et ha'aretz.) Isaiah 44:6 Thus says the LORD, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the LORD of hosts: "I am the first and I am the last; besides me there is no god.

  8. Trump's threat to withdraw from NAFTA may hit a hurdle: The US Constitution

    On Aug. 16, representatives of the U.S., Canada and Mexico formally begin renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement , an accord that has governed matters of trade and security on the continent for 23 years. President Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to withdraw the United States from NAFTA and similar trade agreements if other nations are unwilling to renegotiate to terms he likes.

  9. Eclipses Were Regarded As Omens in the Ancient World

    This article was originally published at The Conversation. The publication contributed the article to Live Science's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

  10. Hard Knocks: Discussing Childhood Movies

    The Buccaneers discuss childhood movies in this Hard Knocks clip. New episodes debut each Tuesday , exclusively on HBO.

  11. Big money on ganja - Entertainers encouraged to invest in growing weed business

    Following the Jamaican Government's slow move to legalise marijuana locally for mass production and sale, recording artistes are now seeking greener pastures and are taking their business ventures to the US. In the past few months, at least four reggae acts have gone that route namely Damian 'Jr Gong' Marley, Morgan Heritage, Julian Marley and Raging Fyah.

  12. Total Eclipse, Partial Failure: Tales of Scientific Missions Gone Bad

    This vintage engraved illustration reveals the sun's corona during the total solar eclipse of Aug. 18, 1868, from the peninsula of Malacca in Malaysia. This article was originally published at The Conversation.

  13. Lest we forget: Children are watching this racism, violence...

    I find myself in this place again. I am numb. I feel empty. I almost have no words.

  14. The hidden stories of medical experimentation on Caribbean slave plantations

    In the natural course of events, humans fall sick and die. Patients hope for miraculous remedies to restore their health.

  15. Jah Cure crashes $30 million Benz

    Reggae artiste Jah Cure is today counting his lucky stars after emerging relatively unscathed from a horrific accident Saturday night. THE STAR understands that the deejay met in an accident in Daniel Town, Trelawny.

  16. 'Ropeless' elevators could transform cities

    Editor's note: This article, distributed by The Associated Press, was originally published on The Conversation website . The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.

  17. Ali Campbell: 1980s comebacks are an antidote to age of 'manufactured' music

    Ali Campbell, of UB40 featuring Ali, Astro and Mickey, has hailed the comeback of 1980s music as a welcome antidote to the age of "manufactured" music. The British reggae-pop star, who now fronts the separated arm of the original UB40 line-up following a fall-out with brothers Robin and Duncan, will join some of the decade's biggest artists for BBC Children In Need's 1980s themed concert.