SWEET MAMA - 3STARLabel: Star Throne

Intro: yea This goes to Jennifer Young, My Mama, my Black queen, Always be my number 1 girl.

Chorus; mama you never treat me bad/ oh mama i know you care/ oh sweet mama/ you never treat me bad/ oh mama i know you care.

Verse 1 imaginery thoughts keep on running through ma head/ so i put my mind at work and write these lines/ letting you know you are the dearest thing happen to me/ no comparison to you, with he nor she/ yuh putting hard work seven days a di week/ to keep food on the table and to let ends meet/ so the retribution is to let you know/ am proud of the man you let me turn out to be.

Repeat Chorus;

Verse 2 All the credibility i give it to you/ nobody in this world can compare to you/ i remember breaking rules and skipping from school/ use to get my ass whip/ was mad at you for real/ but now i understand it was for the better deal/ i appreciate you/ keep idolizing you/ no body in this world can wear your shoes/ when i marry my wife she got to have your qualities.

Repest Chorus

Verse 3 All the responsibilities in your hands/ and you never have no riches nor no education/ but your work ethics and your dedication/ put food to my mouth/ jah jah bless your hands/ yuh walk miles and miles with load pon yuh head/ garments and shoes a few things yuh use to sell/ too much pride inna mama nature she nah beg/ but am sorry for the pain that i put you through.

Repeat, Chorus.

Verse 4 Repent pain and guilt over shadow my mind/ so much trouble i put you through/ some time yuh use to cry/ but learning from mistakes now makes you smile/ start elevate ma thoughts and doing whats right/ i make you feel proud/ i love you next to the most high/ if didn't have meant it/ i wouldn't have said it/ this is true confession, mandatory expression/ and tek it from mi/ and its coming to you/

Repeat Chorus

Outro : The beat is not even long enough to say it all/ but you know ma i love you enuh/ an its coming from the heart/ yuh played your part enuh/ i remember those days when everybody say i aint gonna make it/ you tell me to stick to my dreams/ i remember when pops told me am not his kid/ you have to play the mom and pop role then/ so what does that say? i owe it to you all ma fi real/ you will enjoy the wealth more than i do haha/ gail sullivan you ma mom too/ i love you rest in freedom/ haha

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