Kingston record label T.H.C. Muzik is a tallawah (mighty) collective. The label began in 2004 to nurture raw talent and deliver inspirational messages through music and film.  The core T.H.C. team consists of Habte Selassie B (producer and project manager) and Carlo “Amlak Gabre” Less (visual director and public relations manager).  Both Habte and Amlak are Rastafarian and met at Kingston’s Orthodox Ethiopian Church in 1995.  Shortly after their “Orthodox” meeting, His Eminence Abuna Yeshaq encouraged the duo and six other members of the congregation to form Black Lion productions. For 9 years under the Black Lion moniker the unit managed and produced a series of charity concerts.  They staged historic roots shows Satta Massagana (1998-1999), Garnet Silk Tribute (2000-2001) and East Fest (2000-2007) in aid of a variety of Jamaican charities such as the Glen Hope Place of Safety for Girls and Holy Trinity Basic School.

After 5 years of concert (stage show) production, Habte and Amlak began pursuing additional music industry paths.  Amlak worked for Kariang records from 2000-2001 and Habte enrolled at the Institute of Audio Research in New York City to study engineering and audio production. On Habte’s return to Jamaica in 2001, and after much encouragement from artists and fellow Jamaican music industry members, the duo formed T.H.C. Muzik to help “free the people through music.”   T.H.C. Muzik’s debut single, “Notorious,” by Turbulence on the Scallawah riddim was the surprise number 1 hit of 2005. The track took off thanks in part to the powerful #1 video shot by Rise Up’s director and visual messenger, Luciano Blotta.  Amlak signed on as Rise Up’s  Associate Producer in 2006 .  Since its international release Rise Up has won countless accolades including best music documentary at the SILVER DOCS, the Discovery Channel’s film festival.  Rise Up premiered in Jamaica in March 2010. In 2006 T.H.C. Muzik launched their film division, FLIM JAMAICA (the Jamaican patois pronunciation of the word film), run by Amlak. Proving their visual skills are as solid as their musical ones FLIM JAMAICA’s debut project, Gyptian’s “Mama” video, rocketed straight to the number one spot on Jamaican video request shows. FLIM JAMAICA later directed “Daddy” for Queen Ifrika, “Board House” for Nesbeth and “Herb Fields” for Rootz Underground, to name a few.  After 15 monumental years in concert production, music and film T.H.C. Muzik has turned its focus to producing cutting edge albums and videos for their camp of artists. Each project will see the greatest traditional aspects of reggae, dancehall or dub honoured whilst incorporating elements of Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz and World Music.  Two compilation albums Scallawah and Bubblin to Touch will be released this year. With two Number 1’s under its belt, T.H.C. Muzik has proved it’s possible to be a successful independent label that puts integrity and virtue into every project.  Habte and Amlak look forward to another 15+ years.

For more information contact:

  • Amlak  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 876-487-0378
  • Habte   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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