BADA BADAWell I was originally born in Stoney Hill, Jamaica but my Mother is Guyanese I moved up to Guyana when I  was 15 years old , I always had a passion for dancing growing up Michael Jackson was no  doubt my biggest  inspiration all I wanted was to be just like him when I grew up.

BADA BADAI was performing at a club in Guyana one day when I met Dave Storm he was a producer and promoter he saw me dancing to styles of soca and South African waist movements he was highly impressed, I was also dancing with next dancer alongside of me which became my best friend the Ivauhl Wilson….he took us and that when I commence my journey as a professional dancer…I performed back dancing up with many soca international groups Alantik, Square One, Dragonaires. It was a very fruitful experience.

BADA BADABut as I travelled to next half of my culture, Jamaica, that is where I figured that dancehall reggae was the primary style of dance. I was infatuated by dancehall music and their rhythms. I gradually shifted my skills into reggae style of dancing after I left Stony Hill, Jamaica, after being versed as dancehall dancer…I entered Dance Mania in Guyana as a Solo debut and I won dancehall king in 2004.

BADA BADAI came back to Canada in 2005  that’s when I joined the dance group dirty habits there I met one of Toronto’s best Sameyez I danced with him in group music videos and competitions and my skill consolidated Sameyez has always been a great help to my success if it was not for him and that crew I would not be one of Toronto’s finest today I awhile passed by and started to dance solo I must say I achieved a lot I danced in two movies Hairspray and how she moves. that was just was one of my  major accomplishments…I also worked with a lot of Toronto’ finest artist in due time I danced in Blessed music video, Organs music video, Addictive music video and much more and not forgot Mr. Flowas one of the most versatile artist I have worked with  must, FluxxMobb which is his group, which I also performed with  we did one of the biggest events in Ottawa the Ottawa Reggaefest It was amazing.


But  my most celebrated accomplishment as a reggae dancer is when I won International Dancehall King in 2007 I also one tour package to go to various countries to share dancehall culture with them I been to Cuba, England and Florida…right know im just trying to work with as much promoters, djs, artist and even other dancers to build the dancehall industry in Toronto. BADA BADAI WANT to put Toronto on the map and I attend to dance my heart away if I have to because I represent Toronto and respect all the talent that’s in next plan right know is to infuse music with my dancing…try to elevate my talents 410 link will be managing me in that direction…I'm glad that Peter Barnes put me under his wing cause he is definitely a huge benefit in the dancehall industry period.

Bada Bada has continued to travel the world as international dancehall king as years progress he commenced his career as an artist he started his first project with his executive producer DT he continued to work on his debut album The Bad, The Badder & The Baddest and then he started a group called ALL-STARS UNITED which is a compilation of artists and dancers. "We're all currently working on albums and other projects right know I have work with other artist as well who currently are featured artist on my album. I continue to dance and excel my skills in my music and I don't intend to stop."


70's riddim was produced by one of Toronto's best hip hop artist DT. Bada Bada's new dance and original song "70's" will be released soon.  Bada Bada is also featured in DT's song "Hot Topic".

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Bada bada danced in and choreographed this video for Toronto artiste, Blessed's "Reggae Time"

Bada Bada is one of the Fluxx Mobb dancers in this video.

August 23 - Mr. Flowas was one of the headliners at the first Ottawa Reggae Festival performing alongside Maxi Priest, Collie Buddz, Snow and Trilla U to name a few. If there was any doubt that this explosive dancehall artist was the real deal, they were put to rest when even while suffering from the flu and losing his voice 48 hours before the show Mr. Flowas decided he would once again not miss an opportunity to make history. He flatly refused to cancel his appearance at the inaugural Ottawa Reggae Festival. As was made clear when Mr. Flowas stepped onto the stage backed by a wicked guitar solo from his tune Walk Out and being escorted by the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) bear he announced firmly on the microphone that although he was suffering from the flu and lost his voice it was no excuse and it would not let the fans off the hook, he followed that statement with a 30 minute high energy, very entertaining show that wowed all in attendance and made his performance an impossible one to forget. With wicked lead guitar riffs, banging drum solos, bouncy bass lines, the FluxMobb Dancers and two-keyboard accompaniment on most of the songs the crowd was wowed by the seamless blends of genres underlining modern and new dancehall rhythms. If you havent seen Mr. Flowas perform live you are truly missing one of dancehall musics newest rising stars, being compared to the likes of Addi, Busy and Movado.

Bada Bada dancing alongside Tonya P, award-winning Toronto female reggae artiste

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