CHIKITITANina aka Chikitita, born in Umea, Sweden, moved to Kingston, Jamaica in 2005. Her dancing career started by the age of six when she started dancing ballet and went on from there to Jazz dance, Street dance and Hip Hop. In 1989 she moved to Philadelphia in the US where she danced and studied for one year. She teamed up with Philly dancers and entertainers and focused on the dance style called New Jack Swing. When she went back to Sweden in 1990, she started as a dance teacher in Street Dance and Hip Hop and in 2009 she is celebrating her 20th anniversary of working within the fitness industry. She is the only female European dancer that have established herself over time (since 1995) as a dancehall dancer in Jamaica. She had the privilege of learning from and dancing with the legendary dancer, Bogle aka Mr Wacky, for a little time and has since then completed four tours in Europe, in 2006, 2007 and 2009, teaching dancing, singing and performing.

CHIKITITAChikitita is a dance instructor and dancer in Kingston and has been a part of the dancehall scene since1995 and is at the moment completing a documentary about the dance icon Bogle up until his death and other dancers and dance crews. Her fields of dancing are Dancehall, Hip Hop and Zumba (latino). You can see her on DVDs from Weddy Weddy, Passa Passa, Uptown Mondays, Early Mondays, Dutty Fridayz, Gabba Sundays, Azylum, Fresh Fridayz, Bembe, Hot Mondays, MySpace Saturdays, Bosie Tusdayz, etc. She is featured in music videos, like: "Dutty Wine" with Tony Matterhorn, "Tough" with Lutricia McNeil, "Jam Down Jazz" with Shifta, Faeron, Ricky 10 and Frankie Wilmont, "Swing Like gal" with G Money, "Bottom of the Barrel" with Tifa, "No way" with Courtney John aka Yogi, "Everyday" with Mr Lexx aka Lexxus, "Hotta Gal" with Anthony B, "Bill Gates Money" with Sanjay and Dazzla and more. She has also participated in a number of TV dance shows/documentaries, "In The Dance", "Up & Live", "Gokväll" a Swedish documentary about Kingston and the Partylife and "Hit me with music" A Spanish documentary that is not released yet etc. She has performed in stage shows in Europe and Jamaica like Rototom Sunsplash (Italy) with Beenie Man, Stonelove & Bass Odessy, "Dancers Boom" (Kingston), "Tradgarn" (Gothenburg), "The Voice" (Stockholm) with Crossfire to name a few.


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