COPPA STONEOriginally from Kingston, Jamaica, Coppa Stone, the self-proclaimed dreamer is “a member of the dancehall generation,” so his early childhood was spent absorbing the sounds of Roots, Rocksteady and Dub mixed with Reggae and a touch of Rock and R&B. After relocating to Miami, Florida, his love for music continued to grow alongside this thing called Hip Hop, and it began to bear fruit when he joined ranks with the underground collective called 101 VIBES as an emcee and deejay.

As part of the 101, Coppa cultivated his craft through numerous performances at local venues and countless nights in the studio. As a result, the collective released two independent albums and a 45 single for Musical Ambassador Productions. In 2002, he linked up with DJ Koncept, and his sound called Earth Shadow, and served as an assistant selector on the Jus Jugglin Show (a weekly reggae radio show) on Radiate 88.1 FM. In 2004, he joined the cast of “The Habibi Remix,” (a theatrical interdisciplinary production by Hanan Arts Cooperative which incorporated hip-hop and belly dancing) as one of the lead actors and co-writers. Since then, Coppa has been featured on various compilations, mixtapes, and solo albums; COPPA STONEthe most recent being the upcoming KINDAH Volume 1, which is a collection of child-friendly Reggae musical works from artists around the world, in collaboration with Zoolook and IslandStage.

In addition to working as a co-host for Vibezz Television, (a Caribbean entertainment and lifestyle TV Show), Coppa has also been very fortunate to perform as a regular guest with the resident reggae band, Innasense (One of the wickedest live reggae bands in the business) at Mangoes Café on South Beach, his second home away from home.  In 2009, he completed his first solo album entitled, "Live from Miami, Jamaica", which was a conscious blend of Reggae, it's first cousin, Hip-Hop, and their uncle, Soul, a true reflection of his dual identity.

COPPA STONEAccording to him, he says that, "Miami is only an hour and a half flight from Kingston, so I grew up with one foot in Kingston, and the other in Miami, hence the title of my first album, Live from Miami, Jamaica, but a yaad mi born, so it will always be home, is it grow me, Jamaica give me everything, so for that, I owe her greatly." Amazingly, his music has since taken him far beyond those borders of the island he calls home, from stages in Europe and the US, to street corners in Asia, straight back to podiums in the Caribbean.  Fast-forward to the present, and you can still find Coppa performing on a stage somewhere, in some place, or in the studio recording his first full-length reggae album, among other projects.

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