DE APOSTLEEmanating out of the Harvey Projects in Estate Prophet Hill, a young aspiring musician took up the mantle of his father, Ras Daniel. This fiery musician has had a love for music from the time he was little boy when he started performing at the age of six in school talent shows. Since then, he has forged his own way to the top of his class to be crowned “King of the VI.”

“I started professionally in the music industry at the age of thirteen. In high-school, I garnered my first air time on the radio played by DJ Poppy Pops, called ‘Good Morning Sisters and Brothers’ which was a social commentary. It was taking about the murder rate in the Virgin Islands from a ghetto youth perspective, this allowed a lot of people to relate. Then a flurry of heavy hits commenced: ‘Ghetto Life Hard’ and ‘My Vision’. ‘My Vision’ was really my first big hit, I sold 2,000 copies in two weeks; which is like going platinum in the states.”

DE APOSTLEThe songs kept raining in from that point in this artist’s career; like ‘Genesis,’ ‘Who Dat,’ ‘In The Mood,’ ‘I Know’ (which was dedicated to close friend Jason Roberts), lover’s rock hit ‘Black Rose,’ ‘the Realist,’ the collaboration with Louisiana Platinum Artist, Juvenile, ‘Shake It Like A Tambourine,’ and the timeless Calypso hit ‘Can’t Hold I Down.’

The artist is DE APOSTLE, “Dreamer Educator, A Person Of Sound Talent Life and Energy”, the VI’s Tupac of the Reggae Industry, formerly known as "Heartless". Now a veteran and one of the most electrifying Artist in music period, DE APOSTLE is building a Legacy. A Talented Virgin Islands artist who has won multiple awards and broke numerous records with album sales. He has done collaborations with multi-platinum recording artist Juvenile along with Luciano, Morgan Heritage, Sizzla, Turbulence, Pressure and more.


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