ANDREW MYSTIC aka P ZED (PZ)Andrew Mystic aka "PZ" .. brother of reggae singer Little Hero, has been singing and playing guitar since birth. With his mother singing and his Father playing guitar he was destined to be musical. ANDREW MYSTIC aka P ZED (PZ)After writing the school song for his college alma mater, G.C. Foston in Spanish Town Jamaica, he taught as a phys ed. teacher for 3 years before leaving to pursue his music career full time. He's been singing w/Hero steadily for 8 years doing all the harmony on his #1 hits like Praise God, Inna Di Ghetto, Prayer Time and the new version of God Alone. PZ's an amazing guitar player who also plays bass and keyboards besides writing all of his music. Part of the GOD ALONE Family which includes Hero, Viper and Meekie Melody along with their "sound" LuvBug Movement, PZ can be heard chanting "God alone nah trod alone". He's blessed by Jah and an instrument of God spreading luv and unity through his music.

2009 is the year for Andrew.... he will finally step out from behind Hero to the spotlight where both blood brothers will SHINE. ANDREW MYSTIC aka P ZED (PZ)Working on a compilation CD together and coming out with his own solo project, PZ is MASHING UP Jamaica , Boston, NY, Florida, FRANCE, the UK and Cayman's with his songs Cassava & Out Here. He got the BIGGEST forwards of the night for Cassava and Out Here at STING 2008!!!! Not to mention Sumfest, IRIE Jamboree in NYC , GT Taylor's Christmas Extravaganza, Camp Fire and Trelawney FUNFEST just TONIGHT 01/01/2009. Managed by Pattimani of LuvBug , supported by Ron Muschette and Elise Kelly of IRIE FM Jamaica and BLESSED BY JAH HIMSELF, Andrew Mystic will sit on the TOP of the reggae scene next to JAH CURE and LUCIANO Guaranteed this year... 2009 !!!!!!! ONE LUV

Contact for drops/dubs/bookings:

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  • ph (603) 264-9270 (US)

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