Jerome young was born in Maxfield (Kingston) Jamaica, but at a young age he left for Manchester, where he spent his childhood before moving to Portmore, which he made his home before moving to the United States. Jerome has embrace Holmwood technical high school as his alma mater, and Portmore heart trust, where he obtained a certification in electric and gas welding. It was during his time at port more that he found his passion for music, which he did not take seriously, he was just having fun.

He migrated to Brooklyn in 1997 and attended Job Corps, a training Institution, where he play soccer and was fortunate enough to get a soccer scholarship to attend Genesee college. This period made way to a number of events that transformed his life. First he met Roy Leng aka JR a Hip hop lover, which automatically brought back the love he had for music as they both experiment, doing collaboration with hip hop and reggae.

After finishing the first two years of college he join the us army, in march 2004 he was deploy to fight in Iraq operation freedom. While in the military he met Andre Chuck aka chuck star who became his best friend. He encourages Jerome to take his love of music to another level, so he team up with few of his comrades to work on his first project. Chuck star was later killed in his arm with a bullet that grazed Jerome head before taking chuck star life, Jerome sacrifice his sleep to record his first album (Out Of Many One People), while in combat. He has learned how to channel warfare into something positive.

After Iraq Jerome went to Afghanistan to do a private mission for the United States government. He was now addicted to music, and while in combat he wrote enough songs to complete his next full length album (Nothing but Real Talk), which he later produce in Jamaica after completing his Afghanistan mission. His Song No Bad man was first played on irie fm radio and was inspiring the Jamaican people so he was invited to enter a competition on roots radio 96.3. No bad man won the competition on Dudley Thomas program, receiving 24 out of 25 votes. It was also introduced to Rite Vibe Radio in Bronx NY on Dj Ray Ray program where it held the number one spot for 18 weeks and was rated as one of the most requested song played on the program.

Star Throne Family3Star has being feature in the Jamaica gleaner numerous occasions, the New York daily news paper and jam rock magazines. Recently he has completed a diploma in music production and audio engineer at the IAR (Institute Of Audio Research) music school in Manhattan New York, and currently attending LaGuardia College pursuing his degree in music recording.

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