In the year 1990, around the time that Jamaica’s very own dancehall music was on the rise, a child with uniqueness was born. Glasford Newell copulated with Monica Hume, and indeed a handsome child by the name of Lennox Orlando Newell was conceived. Born at St Joseph’s Hospital in Vineyard Town, Lennox can be considered a true Kingstonian. He grew up being the youngest of three siblings. He has one brother and one sister from another mother. Throughout Lennox’s childhood, he tried out different activities to find his niche, but finally at age 10 he found his true talent. This talent which was writing gave him the opportunity to express his thoughts, visions and events throughout his life. It took him until age 14 to continuously write his thoughts down; but by age 17 he was able to take those same writings into a professional studio and record them.

Music was his first love and to change people’s hearts and minds with the power of his voice was his dream. He sings from his soul, and with his emotions he is able to express real situations through poems, chants, stories and songs. Some of the people who have influenced his music are, the legendary Bob Marley, Julian Marley, Stephen Marley, Damian “Junior Gong” Marley, Dennis brown, Alton Ellis, Jah Cure, Bitty McLean, I-Wayne, Lutan Fyah, Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji, Norris Man, Buju Banton, Sean Paul, K’naan, Tarrus Riley, Beres Hammond, Perfect, and Nas.

ADONNISSWhile growing in body and spirit, Lennox took the time out to seek the truth and to learn what life was really about. He said “I have learnt a lot so far but I still have a lot more to learn. If I keep focused I will get there, I just have to wait my turn.” His journey here on earth has been very rough so far but he’s still strong in faith. He believes that he’s gifted for a reason and here for a meaningful purpose which is to bring awareness, change, teach, uplift and chant freedom for his supporters. He believes in love, happiness and togetherness of the human race. He said in these exact words “Together we are all one human race, with different cultures and backgrounds, some are light and some are dark. None is much different from the other. Inside we are all the same, only the outside looks different “.

Soon after one year of professionally recording Lennox gained his musical moniker, Adonniss, due to his unique look and the beauty he withholds. A handsome and proud black man he is, humbled with a personality no other human being can contest. His lifestyle is all about love, consciousness and truth. He is uniquely designed, musically with a distinct sound that no other chanter holds. Adonniss is an individual that cannot be tagged with any genre, he’s multitalented but he specializes in Dancehall, Reggae, Roots and Techno music. Bringing to the table his own sound and style.

At the very beginning of his musical career Adonniss started out with an entertainment group called “Vybez Camp”, from New York City. Majority of his earlier songs were recorded at Vybez Camp Studios. He was with the entertainment group up until late 2008 until he was dropped due to certain circumstances and issues from within the group. From there Adonniss didn’t hesitate to move on to any other label or musical organizations who were interested in his music. Soon after Adonniss met with “Shots” the CEO of M.B.H productions, talked business, and not long after he started recording songs with the M.B.H production team. Unfortunately production was moving very slow so he decided to move on with his music. The few songs he recorded with M.B.H productions were not released.

Adonniss was a very determined and driven individual, so he never gave up on his dream. He tried reaching out to other recording labels but was unsuccessful. In early 2009 he met a producer named “Jon FX”. The two met through a business transaction when Adonniss paid him for a mixing session. Adonniss knew no other producers who were interested in his music at the time and due to the fact that he met Jon FX on a business level, he started paying him for studio sessions. During that time period he voiced the songs “I’m Sorry”, “Open the Door” and “Brown Skin Lady“. In November 2009, Adonniss was featured on one of Jon FX’s dancehall projects. He voiced a song called “Murder Scene” on the “Thunder Ball Riddim”. Other featured artiste on the riddim were “Aidonia” , “Vybz Kartel” , “Munga”, “Flexx”, “Einstein” and “Elephant Man”. Unfortunately Adonniss’s song “Murder Scene” didn’t get any airplay due to lack of distribution.

Murder Scene was professionally produced by Jon FX himself. There were two versions, a raw version and a radio edited version. Unfortunately his song was not recognized in the dancehall industry. Each official song on the “Thunder Ball Riddim” hit main stream radio except “Murder Scene”. Adonniss flew to Kingston, Jamaica from New York City and tried independently to distribute his song to gain air play but was not successful.

The song “Murder Scene” was voiced at “Island Link studio” in Brooklyn New York. There he met “Mario Rosales” the owner of Island Link Studio and the main man behind the music. They formed a musical friendship together and worked on a few projects.

In April 2010 Adonniss flew to Miami on a four day trip to do some work with Jon FX at his Miami recording studio. They met and were at the studio the day after Adonniss landed but no song was recorded, no work was done and the trip was unsuccessful.

Currently Adonniss is an independent music artiste working on his career and looking forward to releasing his music to the public. While growing on his musical journey, he is still in search of outlets to help him gain more publicity. If there are any musical labels or media promotional organizations who are interested in contacting Adonniss, he can be reached through his personal manager Ms. Alicia Dallas by phone or email.

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