Draped in the rich colors of African cloth, his trademark staff in hand, and his dreadlocks wrapped regally on his head, Anthony B embodies all that it is spiritual and proactive about Reggae music. This artist has been steadfast in his mission to represent the poor and oppressed, using sharp lyrics to confront political injustices and bring the issues of the people to the forefront. In the process, he has raised the quality of performance standards and lyrical content for the industry, through the release of 10 albums, over 1000 singles and appearances on over 100 albums in the last 13 years.

Anthony B’s musical journey started in the church, back when he was still called Keith Anthony Blair in Clark’s Town, Trelawney. Here he was immersed in the thunderous chants and rhythms of Revivalism and the Seventh Day Adventist church where he honed his signature vocals. In his formative years, the artist also cleaved to the music of Otis Redding and the incomparable Peter Tosh.

ANTHONY BIn 1992, Anthony B left his hometown and set out to make his mark on Kingston’s music scene. He rebuked the trend of girl and gun lyrics popular at that time and remained faithful to words of spiritual consciousness and social conviction. He started working with singer Little Devon, who introduced him to Richard “Bell” Bello, of Star Trail Records, producer for Garnet Silk and Everton Blender. Bell saw the talent of the youngster and shared his commitment to conscious music. The partnership produced a slew of hits such as "Repentance Time", "Fire Pon Rome", “One Thing”, and "Raid di Barn”. Anthony B followed up with critically acclaimed albums such as So Many Things, Universal Struggle, Seven Seals, That’s Life, Street Knowledge , Black Star, My Hope, Justice Fight, Untouchable, Suffering Man and Higher Meditation. He also struck out on his own to produce 3 albums independently, started his own label, Born Fire Records, and released two collaboration albums Too Strong with Sizzla and Three Wise Men with Sizzla and Luciano.

Anthony B’s lyrical genius and captivating, energetic performance style have led to be heavy requests for performances in the Caribbean, North America, Europe and Africa. In 2003 and 2004, he was given a king’s welcome in Gambia and Senegal. In 2004, he sold out shows in Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy and Germany, closing for such greats as Israel Vibration and Burning Spear. He also opened up new regions for reggae music through his performances in New Delhi, India and on France’s Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. The live DVD and CD, Live on the Battlefield, captures the essence of his early performances. He also successfully tours South America - Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Venezuela and Peru.

His heavy touring schedule has not slowed Anthony B’s stream of releases. Over the years, he has collaborated with Bone Crusher, Akon, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg and R. Kelly.

Anthony B’s rich vocals and audacious lyrics carry a depth and substance, which is rare in the industry. Internationally, his fan-base has grown because he speaks about the universal concerns of suffering and salvation. “The greatest thing about reggae music is that it’s about concepts and ideas,” says the artist, “you are speaking to people on issues they live and can relate to.”

Anthony B’s latest hit singles include Tease Her, Territory, Satisfaction and Bad From Long Time. Anthony B continues to speak, as he proves himself to be one of Reggae’s most prolific and engaging artists. He is an electrifying performer whose music grips the public social conscience.

Contact: Peter Wardle
King's Music International
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