Black Marshall was born in Jamaica, the country of reggae, and came in touch with reggae when he was 7 years old. Soon he started writing his own lyrics to channel his emotions. Black Marshall also acts, writes his own scripts and performed in youth centres, churches and primary schools in his home country. He founded a drama club, which gave him the chance to put together a big show for the Central Village Police Youth Centre in collaboration with Prince Edward and Malachi Smith, two of Jamaica's most famous poets.

BLACK MARSHALLHis inspiration comes from Bob Marley and Shabba Ranks. Black Marshall has always been active in the music scene but due to different circumstances he hasn't always been able to reach his goals. He has travelled throughout Jamaica, Canada, America and Europe to spread his message and to learn about different cultures. Travelling left him with a network of many different contacts and he decided it was time to settle down and dedicate more time to his music. After staying in Amsterdam for two months Black Marshall came in contact with the artist company Slow Down Promotion (SDP) while he was at a party and decided to start recording with them.

Besides many performances with SDP he had many shows in The Netherlands in venues like Melkweg, Volta, AMP studios, Noord Festival, Bitterzoet, Kwakoe festival and Bochel Broadway Club and of course various American venues like West Indian Social Club in Hartford, CT and Pinach Club in Springfield MA.

Black Marshall has worked with many different artists in the reggae world like Sean Paul, Elephant man, Capleton, Luciano, Lady Saw, Mr Vegas Bushman, Warrior King Super Cat and Louie Ranking.

In 2008 his first double album consisting reggae and dancehall songs will be released. His video clip of the song "Mr Politician" has already come out and also will be seen on Black Entertainment TV (BET) in America.

At the moment Black Marshall is busy working with different artists and will bring a new flavor and style to take reggae music in Europe and around the world to a next level!

So stay in touch!



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