3 KINGZ3 Kingz, the new Jamaican group to emerge from the city of Kingston, consisting of three members: Ramone, Curt and Craig bringing to the tables a mixture of melodies, harmonies and hardcore Jamaican flows. Being raised in Jamaica their whole lives amongst each other, they have been together through most if not all turning points in their lives and always had a strong interest for music. Determined to let their voices be heard, they strive towards excellence as the youths of proud parents. Curt and Craig are related by blood and Ramone being so close to the family that blood would make him no closer than he has become. They shared the true meaning of brotherly hood. Curt and Ramone, being childhood friends, went through high school together in Jamaica writing songs and expressing their talents amongst their peers. They both had the interest of producing and composing music for years while singing for the fun of it not realizing it would grow to be something way pass their expectations, and Craig was a determined "deejay" focused on carrying out the sounds and melodies of the hardcore, retro, dancehall music being greatly influenced by Super Cat. They all looked up to musicians and artists such as Super Cat (who they grew up amongst), Bob Marley, Augustus Pablo, Dennis Brown, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley, Timbaland, Bigg D and friends who are currently majors in the Dancehall industry. They all played a part in the inspiration and growth of the 3 Kingz. 3 Kingz being multi-talented at such young ages, were able to write their own songs, compose them and produce them to let them be heard. Having family members in the music industry, 3 Kingz were blessed with the opportunity to let there music be heard on a larger scale, with big names of the music industry backing them, helping to support their vision. They were then introduced to Bigg D of Dadetown Ent also Jamaican legendary producer Tony Kelly who both supports the development of the 3 Kingz to go along with the production now being created by both members Curt and Ramone. These three are looking forward to a prosperous start in the music industry and has a lot headed their way. Look forward to hearing a catalog of truly sensational songs from 3 Kingz. This is only the start for them.

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