Like his namesake in the movie Rocky, Apollo Butler a.k.a Apollo Kre-ed is steadily demolishing the competition eyes steadily fixed on one major goal, conquering the international and local markets with his heavyweight vocal skills. This is no easy feat for a Caribbean artist, but the incredibly hardworking artist does not dwell within the realm of impossibilities. After all, he has already proven that anything is possible if you are determined.

APOLLO KRE-EDApollo was born in Nassau, New Providence in the Bahamas to a Jamaican mother and Bahamian father. His father owned a bar and it is at this family owned business that Apollo’s love of music was first fostered. His daily diet of, Jamaican 80’s reggae, and old time Bahamian music as well as a host of other genres soon fueled a fierce aspiration in him. “I had a deep a passion for it,” Apollo says referring to the music. He notes though that neither of his parents supported his music career. However the performer has no intentions of giving up his dreams, though he maintains a job to help fund his dream. Apollo who recently put his college education on hold said that something has to give.
Being reared in the inner city area –Kemp Road- prepared Apollo to face almost any situation. One crisis soon began tearing at his home life forcing him to take his stress out to the streets where he soon fell in with the wrong crowd. He joined a gang and very soon thereafter was in trouble with the law. He was subsequently arrested and on the verge of doing time, Apollo decided to change his ways. Music, which he had always loved, gave him a way out.

Having access to his father’s large collection of music and listening daily to the lyrics, influenced him to begin writing his own lyrics in 2005. In early 2006 he linked up with local artist/producer Colyn McDonald, of Visage, and started to follow his passion for music. Apollo began recording a number of songs and later on released his first single to radio titled “Girl You Don’t Know”. Growing up on the same blocks as international reggae/gospel artist, Landlord he was truly inspired, when he saw Landlord’s first video on Tempo. Touched by Landlord’s accomplishments, he instantly set a bigger goal for himself. A chance meeting with Landlord, gave Apollo the tools that he needed to work with. After a long 17 months Apollo Kre-ed accomplished his goal of getting himself into the international circuit when his video appeared on the international station.

In 2007, Apollo propelled himself into the media spotlight and on to the local stage with his song “It’s our Time Nassau”. The song enjoyed a fair amount of airplay in the Bahamas on most stations then by sheer willpower and tenacity Apollo was able to get his music video on Tempo, making him the first Bahamian rapper on the Caribbean’s version of MTV. The video then exceeded his expectations when it shot to the number ten spot on Tempo’s Cross Caribbean Countdown show in early 2008.

2008 was a year of success for Apollo Kre-ed. He worked steadily on his career and with the release of the single “I Tried” with accompanying music video Apollo enjoyed some great success. The song featured fellow Bahamian artist Landlord and the video was his second on Tempo and other Caribbean TV stations. Apollo then followed with the release of “Haitian Girl”, a song that was well received internationally and went straight to number 1 on the charts in Haiti. Not ever slowing down and steadily pushing his career to the next level Apollo also shot a video for “Haitian Girl” in Nassau. The video is set to hit international music television by February 2009. On a trip to Jamaica in the end of 2008 Apollo utilized his time to record at Skatta Bonnick studio in Kingston and work with established Jamaican artists such as Lukie D and General Degree. The last single for 2008 was “Ghetto Star”, a very catchy song that had an impressive immediate response from international djs and radio stations. The new remix featuring General Degree received an even greater response and keeping in line with his amazing ambition and relentless work Apollo shot another video in Jamaica to be released in 2009.

2009 will see Apollo Kre-ed reach yet another level in his career. He has put together a professional team around him including his first manager to assist in reaching his goals . The determined young artist has his mind set on the goal of becoming an international successful recording and performing artist and changing forever how Bahamian music is perceived internationally. With a mix of hip hop and dancehall, always with full Caribbean flavour Apollo Kre-ed will be on top of the game for this year and will be coming at you with a lot of new music.

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